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Initial Consultation and Tutor Matching

We offer free consultations to discuss your academic needs, goals, and preferences.


We can also help you to select a tutor who aligns with your needs and learning style. Take a look at our available tutors 


Complimentary Trial Session

We believe there is immense value in having a free trial lesson in order to establish rapport with your tutor and to get a flavour for their tutoring style...Commitment free


Build your Lesson Package

  • Scheduling is coordinated between the student and tutor to establish regular tutoring sessions at convenient times.

  • A Whatsapp group chat will be made so that your tutor is available for support during and in between sessions. This also allows for rescheduling of lessons should this be required.

  • Lesson frequency and payment plan will be agreed.


Personalized Learning Plan

Commencement of the agreed lesson plan

The tutor continuously collaborates with the student to develop a personalized learning plan tailored to their goals and areas of focus


Continued Support, Assessment and Adjustments

The tutoring plan may be adjusted as you wish, depending on your personal and academic timelines. 

We can provide regular assessment and feedback to ensure that both student and parent are given progress updates

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