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Can the rich still buy a place at Oxbridge?

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

As part of my university application process, I have started to assess potential places to undertake my degree. Many would think that going to top private schools would boost anyone's chances of getting into their chosen university. However, upon entry I have quickly realised that this is merely a fallacy. Oxbridge are reducing their private school intake. The numbers speak for themselves.

Oxford take in only 43% of private school students and Cambridge take in 37%. Source: Unifrog.

Oxford: World's best uni every other year Cambridge: World's top uni every other year

One may argue that only 18% of over 16s are even educated in the private system yet they are allocated so many spaces, however we must consider the fact that a larger proportion of private school students apply to Oxbridge with many of these students having 4 or more a levels.

Therefore, I strongly urge people to remain in the state system but aim for top state institutions as opposed to top private schools. This may make the entry into top universities far more accessible.

Bottom line: You can't pay your way into Oxbridge anymore.

N.B: Private schools may be better for people who believe "It's who you know, not what you know".

Naman Sharma

Dream, Believe, Achieve

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