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What is the best UK public school like?

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

I have started my first week at Harrow School, going in as a scholar in sixth form, from a normal grammar school-(Langley grammar school for those that actually care).

Immediately, what has struck me is the intensity of daily life here with boys being packed in lessons for 26 hours over the course of 6 days-yes we have Saturday school. Moreover, the amount of compulsory hours of sports, means that not only am I tired from lessons but I have physical fatigue from being battered in rugby/football (first term sports).

My biggest takeaway in this first week is not the blistering pace this school runs at. Rather it is my own normality in this highly competitive ecosystem. My eyes have been opened to a world, where I am no one, with no pedigree and no reputation.

I guess that this restart is necessary. A reboot often helps your computer run smoothly and I am hoping that this fresh start, will only be the precursor to better things in the not too distant future.

Naman Sharma

Dream, Believe, Achieve

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