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How to stand out amongst stand-outs?

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Coming from a general grammar school, I would have considered myself to be above average (he says trying to sound humble). Entering Harrow School and immersing myself in the top divisions (the smartest classes), I very quickly came to the conclusion, that I had fallen from above average to bog-standard. Everyone was a stand out, both academically and from a sporting perspective. This shocking truth was painful at first, but I had to act quickly to catch up. This essentially meant many late nights of hard work along with starting many extracurricular activities to stand out.

What makes you unique?

In conclusion, you have to get a reality check. You have to break out of your little bubble and realise how good your competition actually is. When you come this realisation, start slogging it out. Then only will you act as viable competition to your competition.

Naman Sharma

Dream, Believe, Achieve

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