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Belief: How to win from a losing position?

Winning a race is easy for those who start from a favourable position. A favourable position does not have to be a physical place or pole position. It could be a mental state, where one in confident and focused. A favourable position can be a result of plenty of training and good preparation.

But how can one win, when they are disadvantaged from the offset.

Mental strength wins races

The key to success is competing to your personal advantages. For example, if illness/injury has prevented you from exercising; you enter a race physically less prepared. In this case, your advantage is your mental determination, that has accumulated throughout your illness. Your resilience is fuelled by all those depressing thoughts you were having, when you were sitting at home.

From an academic perspective, there will always be a time, where you feel under-prepared for an exam and at these moments, you have to adopt a similar mindset and build self-confidence, which means that when you see a question you do not know the required content for; you do not give up. You answer the question by using previous knowledge that relates to the topic as well as your own intuition.

Self-belief is the difference between quitters and doers.

This applies in exams, when questions seems daunting at first but after a while seem manageable. As well as in sports, when your opposition may be taller or bigger than you. But believing that you can accomplish your goals, is the first step to actually completing them.

Dream, Believe, Achieve.

The central word of the mantra, is the one that will allow you to achieve your dreams. Where there is no self-belief, there is nothing. No hope and no success.

I want you to see your dream and believe in your dream. One day it will no longer be a dream, it will be your life.

Naman Sharma

Dream, Believe, Achieve

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