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Work hard, when everyone rests

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

I know many of you will argue that holidays are for rest but when everyone rests. You will work. Why? Because this is time to get ahead of the rest and this is the period, when successful people are born.

Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

I aim to always get work done in my holidays and a very simple way of doing this is by:

1) Setting targets of what you want to achieve. I.E: Finish pages x to y in maths textbook; exercise for an hour everyday; practise instrument for a couple of hours, etc.

2) Create a timetable or structure your time to prevent idleness. If you have a goal you want to achieve and times you have allocated in a week to working towards this goal you will be less likely to waste your time doing stuff like binge-watching or scrolling through social media. Yet it is still necessary to unwind. A refreshed mind and body achieves far more than a fatigued one.

3) Find a source of motivation- something to give you some drive and focus. Very often people create achievable target but often give up or slack off during the process required to achieve that target. To prevent this, think of the reason why you set that goal in the first place. There is no point in setting and starting goals when you have no intention or dedication to finish what you started.

Having read this, I want you to make the most of your free time (holidays, weekends). The feeling of accomplishment is far more fulfilling than the feeling of regret at having wasted time/ opportunities.

Thank you for reading

Naman Sharma

Dream Believe Achieve

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