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Updated: Nov 19, 2018

If I were to ask you to unclog your sink, you would probably start by taking everything out of the sink. Once you have removed all obstacles, the water will flow easily again and your sink will work better. FACTS.

Now apply this same principle to your mind. The turmoil of our hectic lives often clogs our brains with stress, deadlines, anxiety and fatigue. All these factors affect our performance. The water could not flow easily, when our sink was blocked. Likewise, our thoughts can not flow readily, when our minds are jammed with too many thoughts.

How do we unclog our minds? By taking everything out and letting our thoughts flow smoothly once again.

The best way to unclog our minds and think clearly is by meditating. When people think of meditation, they often think of yoga positions, deep breathing and peaceful surroundings. This is NOT meditation; these are just conducive ways to meditate. Meditation is simply a way of emptying one's mind and achieving inner calmness and peace. You can meditate in a busy train as long as you are able to remain calm and empty your mind.

I would recommend picturing an empty beach with rolling waves and beautiful sunrise. Focus on this image and you will feel your troubles evaporate.

Not only will meditation provide mental well-being. It will help your body physically, lowering your resting heart rate and easing that high blood pressure.

You will also notice results in the classroom during tests as you will not panic and retain composure through even the toughest of questions.

One should aim to incorporate meditation into their daily routine. After waking up/ before sleeping/ on the tube/ anywhere and anytime you can remain calm and empty your mind.

The mind needs to be unclogged for best performance. With continual meditation, peak performance will become standard performance for you and you can reach new peaks.

Naman Sharma

Dream, Believe, Achieve

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